About David

David Nathan Scott has appeared in television, film, video, web and theater.

An actor-educator, David performs and speaks to students of all ages as well as professionals and civic groups throughout the United States for Living Voices, about the civil rights movement and African American history

He is a singer who has performed on the stages of restaurants and cabaret rooms, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and street fairs. While in New York City he was, and still is, an active member of Vocal Ease, a group of volunteer professional singers who dedicate their talents to performing for seniors. He has performed for scores of senior residences and centers, as well as nursing homes and VA hospitals. He continues to the same in senior residences and clubs throughout the Orlando area.

David is an accomplished jazz singer and songwriter, and continues to work with world-class musicians, both in Manhattan and Florida. His first CD, David Nathan Scott and Hard Drive, was released in 2006.

As an on-air personality, David co-produced and hosted The Bright Side Show on Blog Talk Radio, a weekly internet radio show that dealt with the paranormal and unknown. He has interviewed many well-known speakers, authors, and television personalities from the fields of ufology, conspiracy, cutting edge science, health, and metaphysics. Although the show is on hiatus, archived interviews are still available for free listen and download.

David is looking forward to being a published author with his contribution to The Good News Project, due out in the fall of 2014.  He has written for Waking Times and, along with Huffington Post columnist Josh Rivedal, is the co-writer of Romeo in Chains, a one-man play about Shakespeare and US Civil War era slavery.

David is also a professional voice actor, and has worked as a commercial print and art photography model. He is an ordained minister and counselor.